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3 months (90 days)

About the server

New helicopters & Cars

Most popular helicopter models, available at AirCraft Trader. Armored hummers, buggies and ATVs available at Safe Zone / Black Market.


You can choose spawn locations, but if you set a sleeping bag, you can respawn at your base. Sleeping bag can be found in Village areas.

New military and Areas

New militaries MEDOV and OIL RIG, Rebuilded NEAF and Balota Airfield.

KeyCards & Keys

Every military area have a locked door, to open it, you need to use KeyCards. KeyCards can be found at industrial areas.

PVP Style Server

We added more than 255 new items, high tier weapons and millitary gears. Fully rebalanced PVP.

Daily events

Airdrops, King of the hill, dynamic heli crashes and a lot of more juicy events.

EUROPE Server location

Roubaix, France

24/7 server performance

99% uptime


Growing up community

Dedicated Server

High quality server hardware